Thursday, September 23, 2010

Litany and Prayer for peace

One: From words and deeds that provoke discord, prejudice and hatred,
All: O God, deliver us.

One: From suspicions and fears that stand in the way of reconciliation,
All: O God, deliver us.

One: From believing and speaking lies about other peoples or nations,
All: O God, deliver us.

One: From cruel indifference to the cries of the hungry and homeless,
All: O God, deliver us.

One: From all that prevents us from fulfilling your promise of peace,
All: O God, deliver us....


"Charge our lives and our churches with the power of your peace, O God.

Overcome our fears and self-deceptions with the promise of your presence.

In this time of diminishing resources for families and nations, make us signs of your generosity and justice. Light us each day with hope so that we may walk in your truth and be love in your Name..."

Excerpt from International Day of Prayer for Peace Bulletin Insert
Lutheran Peace Fellowship

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

Our "Special Music" at Messiah Lutheran Church Sunday. Marcia at piano, Ann singing alto, Ruth and Franz sing tenor, Sally and Aurora take the soprano part (and Aurora sings a solo).

See the video:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Star Trek Anniversary

The first episode of the science fiction television series "Star Trek" aired September 8, 1966, on NBC. Now an iconic franchise including television, film and products, its initial ratings were considered low. It has been said that Lucille Ball, then head of Desilu Productions, was responsible for saving the first series from being cancelled. I would have to add, an unprecedented outpouring of letters and calls from fans helped save the show for one more (partial) season. It was only the beginning.