Saturday, July 23, 2011

Psalm 97:7-8 in a whole new way

A friend I don't really know shared this, said it only took two years.

Rob writes, "Come have a listen.  The Andromeda Choir (computer synthesized voices) ... (Official ad on

"SATB and Piano Nature praises God (Psalm 98 7-8) BTS and A all sing a verse. Mountains, rivers and oceans, birds and flowers and finally trees join in praise to their Creator.

"The verses are then sung (acapella) simultaneously in harmony. A final verse is sung in harmony, with everyone singing the same words. A bright, cheerful and lively song!

"Check Out the MP3 with computer synthesized voices singing the choral parts. (The `Andromeda' Chorus) Sounds "outer spacey" but the pitches are deadly accurate and it gives a good idea of what the song sounds like.

"Hear and see it (and buy it) at  [the URL Rob provided didn't work for me, so good luck]

"Hear it at soundclick:
[And that one does work].  Enjoy!