Sunday, December 23, 2012

Two Christmas ideas

I've had two brainstorms this Christmas season.

First, the world needs a musical staging of "Miracle of 34th Street." It's a great story with a winsome, sceptical kid, department store wars, and Santa. We need about nine good songs, etc. I've given the assignment to a talented friend, but mounting production of a musical takes money. it could be the next big holiday theater production for families everywhere.

My second idea has to do with the cookie exchanges I hear so much about at Christmas time. I don't bake, but I know a handful of people who are corralled into baking 10 dozen cookies so they can bring them to a party and swap them out with other women who also bake. I've never been invited to one of these, and I hope I never will be. But I do like cookies, especially Christmas cookies.

My idea is this: all the same women could make all the same cookies, then sell the cookies (at least some of them) to people like me and give the money to a nice charity. People who like to bake cookies could be supporting a worthy cause, and people like me could enjoy eating lots of cookies knowing that it's for the common good.

Like these ideas? I've got a million of 'em.

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