Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bishop Kanouse writes: Hospitality and Humility Shake Hands

"For a half hour or longer a completely innocent woman and her daughter were intimidated in the hot Arizona sun on the side of the road by a peace officer and for what reason? Racial profiling in Arizona? Is this what we have come to?"

Pastor Kevin Kanouse, our Northern Texas - Northern Louisiana bishop, shares a weekly devotion called "Lifelines." For next week's edition he wrote about the way a member of our synod's staff was treated on a highway in Arizona.

Read "Hospitality and Humility Shake Hands" at this link:

Bishop Kanouse writes, "Again, the law has been enforced and we have every right to write laws and enforce them. But... we've heard for two weeks that the Pharisees and religious leaders were just trying to keep the law when they made their choices, too. It's about the law, isn't it? It's all about the law...? Or is it? In our lives, Jesus expects more. As the writer to the Hebrews this weeks says it: "Let mutual love continue. Show hospitality to strangers, for in so doing some have entertained angels unawares." It is Christ's law of mutual love that we are called to obey, the law of humility, the law of empathy for our neighbor and those who are least among us.

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