Friday, August 20, 2010

Exploring the power of language used to talk about God and one another...

The National Council of Churches reports on the work of an ecumenical group that explored the power of language used to talk about God and one another.

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A diverse group of Christians gathered in Chicago, August 9-11 to explore the power of language Christians use to talk about God and one another.

The participants represented a broad spectrum of ages, races, cultural backgrounds, gender, sexual orientations, abilities, denominations/communions, and professional fields.

“Our vision,” said the Rev. Ann Tiemeyer, Program Director for Women’s Ministries at the National Council of Churches, “is for many conversations that take diverse contexts seriously in exploring the power of language (words, symbols or images) and how it can be used in life-giving ways that extend the hospitality of the church’s mission within the local church and community.”

“This vision is grounded in the Gospel mandate to affirm life and carry forth the healing love of God found within the gospel of Jesus Christ in the face of the death-dealing effects of sin in our world,” Tiemeyer said.

The gathering approached language issues using a descriptive rather than a proscriptive method. The conversation was grounded in relationship and listening to each others’ stories of experiencing the power of language and the breaking through of God’s healing.

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